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  Cogmed combines three areas of expertise to create a working memory training program that is rigorous and rewarding:

1. Neuroscientists developed and researched techniques to improve working memory

2. Game and IT developers created a compelling interactive design with sharp graphics and action

3. Psychologists developed coaching and behavioral strategies to maintain motivation, interest and effort

The resulting training program is based on clear scientific research findings. Each user's training program is individualized and encourages success with close monitoring, weekly coaching and systems of rewards.                 




What is Cogmed Working Memory Training?


Cogmed Working Memory Training is a challenging, intensive 5-week computer-based training program that uses an algorithm that challenges users to work at top capacity. Through Cogmed exercises, the user build new neural connections – connections that will remain and will improve in the future.


Cogmed Working Memory Training was originally developed in Sweden for children with ADHD.  Published research has demonstrated Cogmed can benefit individuals of all ages. Cogmed’s benefits have been demonstrated with individuals with ADHD, learning disabilities, stroke and normal working memory loss associated with aging.


Cogmed Working Memory Training is available only through Cogmed Qualified Practices. ADDVANTAGE, PLLC became a Cogmed Qualified Practice in June 2008.



What are the benefits of Cogmed Working Memory Training?


Ninety percent of individuals who begin the training finish; over 80% of those individuals show clear, measurable benefits in working memory, attention, fluid reasoning, and attention. Follow up research has shown gains to be lasting.


What is involved in Cogmed Working Memory Training?


Initial interview: A phone conversation or face-to-face meeting with an ADDVANTAGE Cogmed Qualified Coach to discuss the training and to decide if the individual is a suitable candidate for the training.


Start-up session: The Cogmed trainee (and a Training Aid if the user is a child) meets with a Cogmed Coach to learn about working memory, practice using the software and answer questionnaires regarding current functioning of memory and attention. The start-up session also includes structuring the training with the user.


Five-week at-home training: The Cogmed training takes place at home, 30 to 45 minutes per day, five days each week, for five weeks. If training sessions are missed due to illness or other complications, the training can be extended beyond the 5 weeks. One-hundred additional 15-minute sessions are included for one year following the training. Children going through Cogmed training need an in-person Training Aid (parent, teacher, tutor, or other appropriate adult) to monitor and supervise each training session.




Five weekly telephone coaching sessions: One of our Coaches will contact the User and Training Aid each week during the five-week training period. This coaching session is a time to report progress, to problem-solve any difficulties, and to assure progress toward completion of training.


Users, Training Aids and Coaches have access to charts and statistics recording the User's performance from day-to-day, helping them to monitor progress.


Wrap up meeting: Following the training, you will have a face-to-face or telephone interview with one of our Coaches.  At this session questionnaires will be completed to help measure progress and a final report will be prepared.


Six months follow up interview: Following training, we will send you another set of questionnaires to complete and return to us.  Improvement in memory and attention often continue to increase following the training period. These questionnaires give us an opportunity to measure and document your progress.


Can Cogmed Working Memory Training be done via telephone without in person contact?


Yes, everything can be done via telephone. The initial and follow up interviews can be conducted by phone if you live at a distance and if it is not convenient to come to our practice.


What is the cost of Cogmed Working Memory Training?


The cost includes the entire training, payable at the time of the start-up session. This fee covers the start-up session, 25 at-home training sessions, telephone coaching , a follow-up interview and access to the Cogmed Training Web; Cogmed Extension Training is also included (100 fifteen-minute exercises which can be used for one year when the basic training is completed).  Please call for more information about prices.


Is Cogmed covered by insurance?


Cogmed is not considered a medical intervention and is not covered by health insurance. The cost of the initial and follow-up interviews may be eligible for reimbursement. Some flexible health spending programs may reimburse the training.


Can Cogmed training be done at my child’s school?


Yes, if your child’s school is willing to participate in supervision of the training sessions. In Sweden, all Cogmed training took place during the school day. Some private schools in the U.S. are beginning to express an interest in Cogmed training as part of their curriculum to assist students who experience problems with working memory and attention. Cogmed training would be paid for by parents individually, but supervised training can take place at school if there is a computer and high speed internet connection available.


Research findings are based on double-blind, placebo controlled studies. Research on this method is ongoing. Research sites include Duke, NYU, Stanford, The Ohio State University, Notre Dame and Harvard.


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You can watch a video demonstration of Cogmed RM software and other videos about Cogmed Working Memory by visiting the Cogmed Video Channel.


To get started:  For a no-cost initial interview call Steven Butnik, Ph. D. or Julia Frishtick, LCSW at 804.282.9989 or email Dr. Butnik at                                                                                           


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